Deliver Emails Simultaneously To Your Audience That Is Already Receiving Your Digital Ads

What COURIER PLUS will do for you...

Using the SLI Contact and Personal information RealTech creates your custom “mirror” email campaign.

Up to 15 emails a month can be delivered to your audience that is already receiving your digital ads.

The emails will feature:

  • Custom banner headers which will sync with your digital ads
  • Links to your website landing pages
  • or links to the RealTech custom 'done for you" landing pages

A COURIER PLUS digital ad and email campaign increases your branding and the likelihood that Buyers and Sellers will contact you.

Optimize Your Marketing With our Conversion Funnel...

How The Conversion Funnel Works...

Your SLI custom audience contact information is uploaded to the Conversion Funnel

The Conversion Funnel will automatically engage them initially within minutes using...

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Voicemail Broadcasting

and will nurture your prospects long term.

Leverage Our Technology To Earn More Listings

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