Custom Landing Pages & Reports

What You Should Know...

  • You have approximately 15-20 seconds to make an impression on a prospect when you are delivering digital ads or emails
  • The message on your digital ad or email must connect and resonate with prospects
  • If your message does not connect with your audience, they will leave your landing page and in probability, never return

What Agents Typically Don't Have...

  • Time to create landing pages, you're too busy selling homes!
  • A creative department

What Realtech Will Do For You

  • Create your custom landing page
  • Feature the same message that appears on your digital ad or Courier plus email

Custom Landing Page Features

  • Dynamic - automatically optimizes for all devices
  • Links to your website's Home Valuation Page
  • Links to your website's IDX Property Search
  • Personal Calendar Schedule with EMail & SMS to both you and your prospects
  • Video uploads
  • Click to call
  • Custom Graphics
  • Awesome Seller and Buyer Reports featuring: Click to call, Email widget, Video and Audio uploads

Landing Pages Examples

Listing Generator - Seller Landing Page 1

Listing Generator - Seller landing page 2

RealTime Audience - Buyer & Seller Combined Landing Page

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